The Smallest Dog Breeds – Toy Dogs

The Smallest Dog Breeds – Toy Dogs

Affenpinscher (AKC, UKC)

The Pinscher/Schnauzer group which includes the Pinscher, the miniature Pinscher and all three Schnauzer breeds, also has the Affenpinscher as a member. It is a German breed whose history dates back to the fifteenth century.

Created from working terriers, they made their first appearance as a distinct breed in 1856.

The Affenpinscher is also called “Monkey Dog” and “Monkey Terrier” because of its expression which resembles that of a monkey. In German, Affe means ‘monkey’.

Sturdy and alert, the Affenpinscher is no weakling. His strong character and sporting instincts made him particularly useful in destroying rats and mice.

It is a breed which adapts easily to town or country living. If they live in rural surroundings they are not averse to being taken for long walks. On the other hand, if they live in an apartment or town house they are quite content with a minimum of exercise.

They are loyal and affectionate companions, but they do demand a lot of personal attention; in fact, they are quick to show disapproval if ignored by their owners!

The Affenpinscher is considered to be naturally obedient and therefore requires very little training.

Brussels Griffon (AKC, UKC)

The cab drivers of Brussels originally used the plucky little Griffon Bruxellois to guard their vehicles and keep down the vermin in the stables. However, with the Griffon’s strong sense of self importance and determination to be with his owner at all times, he soon managed to establish himself as a permanent travelling companion on the front seats of the hansom cabs, sitting up on a box next to the driver.

This former little Belgian street urchin has retained his impudence and cocky ways. A hardy, intelligent dog with a happy disposition and personality in every whisker, the Griffon demands your attention, but bestows lavish affection and loyalty in return. B

est suited to people who are at home during the day, he makes a first class pet for families with gentle children and a superb companion for the elderly.

Noted for his quaint bewhiskered and moustachioed face, and pert monkey-like expression, the Griffon comes in two varieties – the rough coated Griffon Bruxellois and the smooth-coated Petit Brabancon.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (AKC, UKC)

This delightful little breed took its name from King Charles II, whose penchant for toy spaniels was such that he constantly surrounded himself with them, reputedly enjoying their company far more than that of his courtiers.

James II continued his brother’s patronage of the breed, after which they fell from royal favour and were relegated to life on country estates as hunters of small game.

Since 1926 the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has enjoyed a revival, with the breed going from strength to strength.

The largest of the toy breeds, the Cavalier is a lively, intelligent dog, compact enough to fit into the smallest household, yet sturdy enough to withstand children’s games and family activities.

He enjoys a good deal of exercise, being fairly active, robust and not tiring easily. He is the perfect companion for a country ramble.

With centuries of domestication behind him, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel takes naturally to living indoors and is truly a delight to have around the home. He makes a lovely family pet, being gentle, friendly, affectionate and obedient, with a great love of people.

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