List of the Hound Dog Breeds

List of the Hound Dog Breeds

Afghan Hound (AKC, UKC)

Possessed of the ultimate in beauty and grace, the Afghan Hound is truly a king among dogs. A true aristocrat, the stylish Afghan is an elegant, strong, dignified dog combining great speed and power.

Originally bred for hunting, the Afghan Hound requires considerable exercise in order to maintain good physical condition, as well as a large yard in which to play.

His second important need is regular grooming and a glance at his long thick, silky coat will tell you that this is indeed a time-consuming job.

His aloof demeanour and independent spirit, which is so typical of this spectacular breed can mean that he may be a little more difficult to train than some other dogs. However, kindness and patient handling will quickly make the Afghan a loyal and loving companion.

Provided that you can give him the conditions and care that he needs, there are few more rewarding dogs to own than the exotic and highly individualistic Afghan Hound.

American Foxhound (AKC, UKC)

The lineage of the American Foxhound goes back to English packhounds imported to Virginia and Maryland in 1650. They were initially kept busy helping farmers control the fox population, which pillaged livestock and destroyed property.

As the need for their exterminating services waned, their hunting abilities were employed in sport, to scent and track the fox only.

Crosses with French and Irish hound imports eventually produced a lighter, taller and faster dog more suitable for American hunting conditions. Noted for its great stamina, intelligence and “homing instinct,” the breed is an excellent hunting companion that’s also made a splash in the show ring.

Known for its independence and strong will, the American Foxhound is affectionate, gentle and loving at home. It gets along well with other dogs because of its pack-hunting background, and can become bored if left alone.

Consider its history as an outdoor kennel hound when looking for a house pet; try show lines rather than field types, and opt for a dog that was bred and raised in a house over one that came from a pack or was raised outside.

Used to vigorous exercise, the American Foxhound would do well in a rural or large-farm setting where it has plenty of room to run.

Basenji (AKC, UKC)

The aristocratic Basenji is a small, elegant, gazelle-like dog originally used for hunting in his native central Africa.

Renowned for the fact that he does not bark, the Basenji nevertheless is not silent and makes a variety of sounds, ranging from yodels to chortles to growls.

The breed is also unique because Basenji bitches only come into season once a year, and nearly all at the same time. This means that puppies as a rule, are born in May or June.

Sensitive and playful, a Basenji may require a firm hand from time to time as he can be disobedient. It’s not that he means to be, but he has a curious, enquiring mind which demands that everything must be examined and explored, taking nothing for granted.

This makes for a highly entertaining and intelligent pet, although not necessarily the ideal subject for obedience training.

The Basenji loves people even though he may not be as openly demonstrative or lavish in his affection as some other breeds.

He needs plenty of exercise and does not take kindly to enclosed spaces. A securely fenced yard is essential as the Basenji is an escape artist. He must be on a lead at all times when outside his own property as the Basenji does not readily respond to his owner’s commands.

Free of any doggy odour, and with a fine, short, silky coat which he grooms like a cat, the fascinating Basenji keeps himself so clean he seldom needs a bath.

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