How To Share Your Story

I read a lot of essays on a daily basis and so hopefully I am able to give you some good input maybe some things to try and include in your essay as well as something to avoid so please if you ever at any time have any questions about the content or what I’m saying feel free to leave a message I can see all of the comments here in the chat box so I’ll try to check that and make that I can answer those questions as we go along I’m also going to leave a couple minutes at the end for questions as well so if you would like to wait until the end that’s perfectly fine and then of course i’ll leave my email with you before i leave as well so if you have any other follow-up questions i’m more than happy for you to reach out to me at any time so without further ado let’s dive in.

I’m going to be talking today about how to effectively share your story so tips for you on writing those college essays let’s dive on in here so first things first um oh I can get it to go here oh there we go okay so first things first let’s talk a little bit about the different kinds of essays that you might come across so when you’re looking in the u.s. applying for universities or colleges there’s a number of different forms of essays that you will probably see so first and foremost I included the common application and the universal college application these are pretty widely accepted by universities in the US but it certainly does not include all so make sure depending on what schools you’re interested in you check and see what they accept so for example at bryant university where i work we do accept the common application or the universal college application with both of those applications you have different prompts that you choose from and so if you’re applying for this next fall there are five options there are five essay prompts with the common application.

And so you get to select which one you would like to write about and i’m going to show you those in just a couple of minutes to give you an example of what those might look like i’m so in addition to the common application some other essays you might come across would be a university or college specific essay so there are a number of universities in the states that do not accept the common application and so for those universities they’ll typically have an essay prompt or maybe a couple and you can either select one that you want or you just do the one that they you and so that would be the type of thing where you don’t write one essay and send it to all your colleges if it’s a university that has their own prompt you would need to do that I’m separately so additionally there could be test optional essays.

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