About the Dog Pages

We designed the Dog Pages to give people a better overall Web resource for dog information and breed descriptions along with a fast, easy method to locate quality breeders.

Our breeder listing service is free. The goal is simple: To give dog owners, enthusiasts and consumers a central place to find a quality dog, an event or other related information. We are not a pet store or a chat room. Several other sites are created for those purposes. Instead, we focus upon providing you with the most competent, relevant information about dogs anywhere on the Web and delivering it to you in the best possible manner.

The Dog Pages are not solely controlled by the financial policy or political agenda of any individual kennel club, organization or group. We do, however, depend upon and cooperate with the national and local breed clubs for information to assess the integrity of each kennel prior to listing them here. This serves to protect dog buyers as well as promote the overall health of each dog breed.

The Dog Pages are owned and published by Pro Pet Transports Inc., a nationwide ground transportation service for dogs and other animals. Feel free to contact us with your questions, suggestions or comments regarding the Dog Pages or any aspect of our services.